Kasdon Law handles real estate disputes that arise when a party to a lease agreement breaches the terms of the contract. In cases where a party may be acting unreasonably, we advise our clients on their obligations under the law, help them assess the risks and benefits of legal action, and chart a strategy to resolve the issues.

Our firm represents clients at every stage of the litigation process from pre-litigation notices to serving a summary proceeding petition or summons and complaints as well as discovery practice and depositions, motion practice, trials and appeals.

Common litigation actions include:

Commercial and residential nonpayment and holdover proceedings
Defending HP proceedings
Prosecuting condominium common charge lien foreclosure actions
Prosecuting and defending ejectment, partition, easement, and related real property disputes
Commencing and defending breach of contract claims

Litigation proceedings are complicated, and the stakes are high. Kasdon Law is adept at outlining a strategic direction and ensuring clients understand the different choices that need to be made. We prioritize communication and collaboration and diligently assist clients every step of the way.