Kasdon Law represents individuals and commercial clients in real estate transactions, which include closings, mortgage refinancings, easements, commercial leases and property management engagements. We understand the financial and contractual intricacies as well as the community rules that influence the buying and selling of residential and commercial cooperative and condominium units in New York City.

Important considerations include:

• Terms of ownership
• Rights of other stakeholders (homeowners, community associations, boards of directors)
• Specific bylaws that govern the use of the premises
• Proper documentation on the condition of the property, especially in preparation for sale

At Kasdon Law, we ask the right questions. Our goal is to ensure clients understand the decisions that need to be made and the ramifications of different options. With over two decades of experience, we are adept at navigating complex transactions, ensuring all essential documentation is in place, and representing clients throughout the negotiation process.